Does my health insurance cover me for acupuncture?

As acupuncture is becoming more popular in the UK, some private health insurance companies now cover it in their policies, including:

National Friendly
Leeds Hospital Fund
Simply Health
Aviva Healthcare
Pru Health
Groupama Healthcare
Exeter Family Friendly
CS Healthcare
General and Medical Healthcare
Engage Mutual Assurance

This list is not a guarantee! Please check with your insurer to make sure that your policy covers you for acupuncture treatments. You may also need to be referred by your GP – please check your policy for any specific conditions.

Our standard receipts should contain enough information to cover you for a claim on your health insurance, but if your insurer requires specific information, please let us know and we will supply this.

Affordable acupuncture

Not everyone can afford the £35-£45 fee for a private acupuncture consultation! Community acupuncture clinics offer the same standard of care, hygiene and effectiveness at a vastly reduced cost.

At Love Community Acupuncture, we run two clinics:

The private clinic at Bishy Road, where you see an acupuncturist one-to-one for a 45-minute appointment. At Bishy Road, we use a pay-what-you-can-afford model, and you decide what you want to pay from £20 – £35.

The multibed clinic at the University of York, where we run six treatment beds in the same large room, using towels and screens to protect your privacy. At York Uni, we charge a flat £15 rate.