We welcome patients using mobility aids and wheelchairs at both our Bishy Road and University of York clinics.


Bishy Road accessibility

At the Bishy Road clinic, we have a ramp to get you up the step into the yard, and also into the back door to use the loo if you need.

If you use a wheelchair, we will meet you at the gate to help you into the yard. Please note, though, that our toilet is NOT wheelchair-accessible.

If you arrive on a mobility scooter, it may be necessary to leave it in the alleyway, and unfortunately because this is a public access way we can’t promise it will be safe. Although nobody has ever lost a scooter outside the clinic yet!


University of York accessibility

The clinic is fully wheelchair accessible, using the downwards ramp and the lift up to the first floor of Wentworth College. See the map below – the pink route is step-free access.

Both sets of toilets marked on the map are wheelchair- and scooter-accessible using the pink access route.