Bishy Road: parking

Parking is unfortunately a bit scarce around the Bishy Road clinic, as the City of York Council has decided to extend the residents’ parking zone down to Beresford Terrace (see the map below). Please take great care not to park in a residents’ parking area – you may get a parking ticket!

It’s possible to park for free in the areas marked with thick black lines on this map. These are, at most, a 10-minute walk from the clinic; areas such as Rectory Gardens and Balmoral Terrace are just 3-4 minutes.

There are about 8 spaces outside Southlands Church (at the Bishopthorpe Road end of Southlands Road) and about 4 spaces outside the sheltered housing between Aldreth Grove and Cameron Grove (see grey areas on map). In both these areas, you can park for an hour without penalty, but they are usually in demand and unfortunately can’t be relied on to be free. Please don’t park in the Southlands Church car park itself – there are regularly activities in the church that require all the available car parking spaces.

If you have difficulty walking and need to park closer, please call us for a chat on 07582 234578.

Please note that this map is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we can’t guarantee it’s totally up-to-date. Please look around anywhere you park to make absolutely sure that there are no parking signs up – you really don’t want a ticket while you’re having your acupuncture!

Download a copy of this parking map by clicking here. We’ll email it to you when you book your first treatment, too.