Cancelling, rescheduling or running late?

At Love Community Acupuncture, we run the clinic on a very tight budget to keep treatments at the low price you value. So we ask you to cancel or reschedule your own appointments when you need to. It’s very simple! Here’s how:o

To cancel or reschedule your appointment

  • Please find either the confirmation email you receive when you book your appointment, or the reminder email we send you two days before your appointment.
  • The email subject will always start with your name and the word ‘appointment’, i.e., “Jane Smith appointment”.
  • Click on the ‘Need to cancel or reschedule?’ link in the email. 
    This will take you to our online scheduler, where you can cancel or reschedule your appointment.

We would ask you to respect our limit of 3 reschedules per patient. 

If you try to reschedule or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice, the scheduler won’t allow you to do this, as it’s too close to your appointment time and we generally won’t be able to offer it to another patient in time. In this case, your appointment would be treated as a late arrival or no-show (see below).

To cancel or reschedule your appointment

If you arrive late and we can’t treat you, or if you don’t arrive at all (no-show)

In these circumstances, we would ask for full payment for your appointment. In the normal course of things you’ll have paid in advance, so there would be nothing further to pay until you book your next appointment.

To book again:

  • Go to the online booking page;
  • Scroll down to find the REGULAR appointments and select one according to the amount you can afford;
  • Book and pay online.