Chrissie Thomas

Love Community Acupuncture at Bishy Road is staffed by Mitchell Macgregor (Tuesdays) and Chrissie Thomas (Thursdays). All our practitioners work at theYork University clinic on Fridays.

Chrissie Thomas

I graduated in June 2018 from the Northern College of Acupuncture with a BSc (Hons). Before deciding to study Acupuncture I worked as a Personal Assistant part-time whilst bringing up my three children.

Ever since my grandmother died following a long illness, I have been asking myself what it is that makes us ill and why we sometimes don’t heal despite the best help available to us.

This led me to study Psychology in my twenties. But it was only when I was faced with ‘dis-ease’ myself 12 years ago, that I came closer to some answers. Doctors could not help me, neither could Psychology. After trying almost every alternative medicine available, I discovered Chinese Medicine.

I was so impressed at the rapid progress of my healing that I decided to study it in depth. I see Chinese Medicine as a truly holistic healing system, which gently nudges our innate ability to re-balance ourselves to return to or arrive at a more harmonious way of living our life.

My hope is that I will be able to support others in the same way as I was supported and enabled to understand the signs and symptoms my body gave me, to try to communicate what needed addressing.

I feel very strongly, that acupuncture should be available to all who might benefit, and so Love Community Acupuncture’s approach seems to be the way forward. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to work in a setting that resonates with my calling.

Against the background of my own personal experience I am fascinated by the role acupuncture can play in supporting people who have arrived at a crisis point, whether this might be circumstantial or personal, relating to their inner life. Depression and anxiety are of special interest to me, since they can often accompany this part of our journey.

In my limited spare time, I like to study acupuncture (I know that might sound boring!), practice Yoga or Qi Gong or spend time in nature and with my family. I have a keen interest in inner development. I also make incense and candles.

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